Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi Factor Authentication is that extra level of security that many of us are familiar with if you use online banking or other such services. After logging in, it essentially ask you to confirm your identity via a text message, phone call or app.

Is it worth the hassle?

Slightly unusually…I’ll give you the answer to this at the top of this blog…yes it is!

Where you have systems that provide this functionality, such as Office 365, CRM systems, Websites – we recommend activating this as soon as possible.

It is actually surprisingly easy to deploy to your users and these systems don’t tend to bombard you with verification requests. These systems will only tend to ask you to verify yourself if you are using a different connection, device, or something else looks “different”.

Why is it important? Well, with hacking, phishing attacks, scams getting ever more commonplace it is becoming more and more important to protect key systems such as emails, websites, crm systems. Multi Factor Authentication can be an invaluable tool against this, and it makes an unscrupulous individual’s
job that much harder if activated. Does it completly guarantee protection against these types of attacks – no – but it will help play a very important part in your overall security landscape.

What if MFA is not available?

  • Try and secure your accounts with the most secure passwords possible – ideally minimum 8 characters with a capital letter, number and symbol in it
  • Don’t write these passwords down anywere physically – use a free online password storage system if necessary
  • Keep admin access to systems to as few users as possible
  • Check on what security measures the supplier is already providing as part of the service

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