Fibre Unlimited Plus (Non Low Cost Areas)

Fibre Unlimited gives you superfast internet access upto 10 times faster than conventional broadband access and all the features of our other products except without any usage limit at all! You can browse and download to your hearts content at superfast speeds.

What is Superfast broadband? Superfast broadband is defined as broadband with speeds of above 24mbps. Typically your experience of using the Internet with superfast broadband will be more enjoyable and the use of services such as streaming TV and radio like BBC Iplayer, Skype and online gaming will be virtually faultless. Superfast broadband also tends to suffer from fewer issues because of the nature of the technology so your service will be more reliable than ever!

This product comes with a fully trained engineer install so you can be assured that you get the very highest speeds capable on your line and so that it is setup to your requirements.

What you get

  • Up to 80Mbps speed broadband packages (depending on quality and length of telephone line and traffic management at the time of use)
  • Upto 20mbps upload (depending on your telephone line quality and distance from exchange and traffic management at the time of use)
  • A fully trained engineer install so you don’t need to worry about where to plug it in and how to set it up
  • Wireless Router
  • NO Download Limit
  • Anti-Virus on email
  • Anti-Spam on email
  • 5 mailboxes
  • 2GB mail storage
  • 1 Static IP address
  • Web mail
  • Access to locally based dedicated helpdesk in Ipswich at the cost of a local call. We fully support all service queries and problems and also will assist you with any other computer or technology based query.
  • Fair usage policy applies. Click here to view it


Please note this product is only available to people in areas where your telephone exchange has been “Fibre Enabled”. How can you tell? Please call us on 01473 345305 and we will give you the correct information.

Please see our dedicated page here on why the Fibre pricing is so different.

How much will this cost?
1 time set up cost (including router and engineer install) £150
Contract Period 12 months
Cost per month £49.99
Line Rental & Calls Contact Phone Provider

What else do I need?

Working Phone line & Line Rental package – Please consult with a telephone provider for associated costs.

Click here for more information on the hardware we supply.

£49.99 Per Month

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