Cloud Email/Mini Server Solution

4If you are a small organisation (less than 10 PC’s) and your server is in need of replacement then why not think of opting for IT Services at CAS tried and tested Cloud Email/Mini Server solution.

We have installed this solution in a number of charities across Suffolk and Essex so we can evidence the fact that it is tried and tested over a long period of time. We are so confident in our solution that our IT staff even use this at home!

Replacing an ageing Windows Server like for like can easily result in up front costs of over £3500 with ongoing costs of £500+ per year for support and any licensing needs you may have. Typically we suggest that replacing a Windows Server will cost your organisation nearly £6000 over a 5 year cycle once factored in all one off and ongoing costs.

IT Services at CAS Cloud Email and Mini Server solution can save you money over the long term and result in lower up front costs. Based on a 5 user organisation, up front costs may be around £1250 whilst ongoing costs will be approximately £600 a year (email subscription and technical support), meaning that the total cost of the solution will be less than £4250 over a 5 year cycle. On a traditional server solution that is a saving of a massive £1750 and over a cloud only solution we estimate the savings to be over £850.

Comparison of Costs

Cloud Email/Mini Server Solution – £4250 inc VAT over 5 year period

Full Server Solution – £6000 inc VAT over 5 year period

Full Cloud Solution – £5100 inc VAT over 5 year period

What does the IT Services at CAS Cloud/Mini Server Solution give me?

  • Business class email services with our Cloud Microsoft Exchange solution inc shared calendars, shared tasks, shared contacts,webmail, 50GB email storage
  • Free business class Spam and Virus protection on all email services
  • 1TB File Storage
  • Remote access to files via web interface or VPN connection
  • Smartphone and Tablet access to files via Apps
  • Daily backup of files and emails
  • Local Telephone Support
  • Full install and migration of existing services
  • Organisational ownership of file storage (not owned and hosted by a cloud supplier)
  • No reliance on in-house email servers to be up and operational to send and receive email
  • Flexiblity and scalability – can add services and functions very easily without long term contracts


We believe that our solution offers the best of both worlds (Cloud and Local Storage). As an organisation you get high tech access to your files and emails over smartphones, tablets or any device with an internet connection when you need it, whilst not having to rely on physical servers in your building to be on or working to access all* your services. However, you also have the certainty that you still have ownership and control of your data rather than putting it in the hands of a global cloud supplier.

The backup system we put in place with this solution is also highly flexible and easy to access. If you need immediate access to a file you have accidently deleted, with a short call to our helpdesk we can help you retrieve this within 5 minutes, rather than having to wait for hours for the cloud supplier to try and find your file.

* File services will need the mini server to be functional to present your files when you need them.

Please note, all costs on this page have been based on an organisation with 5 users and based around full IT costs including install of the system, hardware, licensing and ongoing support costs. For larger organisations or organisations with slightly different needs then the solution may need to be tailored slightly.

If you are interested in this solution please contact Matthew Morling at or call him on 01473 345321 and he would be delighted to help with your query and even come out and demonstrate the solution.