New Anti-Spam Controls – Email

As part of our recent email upgrade, one of the great new features of the system is the new and improved anti-spam controls and also the ability for you the user to tailor these to your needs. If you want to block (blacklist) or allow (whitelist) specific emails you can now do this yourself without calling the helpdesk.

Since the upgrade you may find that some genuine emails have gone into the “quarantine” folder. This is to be expected and is just part of the system learning which emails are genuine and which aren’t. You now have control over how you deal with these.


Blacklisting is a way of stopping emails from a given address or domain from reaching your inbox, it’s a useful way of blocking nuisance emails from a given address. To do this simply go to and click on webmail along the top. Once you are on our webmail page, type in your full email address and email password and then from here you will be control your spam emails. From here you simply drag and drop the email in question over to the Blacklisted Addresses folder. If you want to block all emails from that domain drag the email in to the Blacklisted Domains folder.



As the name suggests whitelisting is the opposite of blacklisting. If you are having issues with email from a particular address showing up in your spam folder instead of your inbox, you can drag an email from this account or domain into the Whitelisted Addresses folder. We would not recommend whitelisting an entire domain. Only add addresses that you trust to your Whitelisted Addresses folder.