The Future of IT

“The Future of IT” is a rather lofty subject and one that you will have to give me a bit of leighway to “stargaze” a little! It’s a difficult subject to approach because none of us can accurately predict the future – but there are some general trends which i think points us to where […]

Firstly, let me explain what an online scam or phishing email looks like. ‘Phishing’ is when criminals use scam emails, text messages or phone calls to trick their victims. The aim is often to make you visit a website, which may download a virus onto your computer, or steal bank details or other personal information. […]

Are you paying too much for your website hosting? We know that from previous experience some organisations can end up paying thousands of pounds for a service that should only cost in the hundreds of pounds (or less). Just recenctly we have successfully saved organisations several hundreds of pounds per year whilst providing a better […]

As a charity manager, CEO or IT lead, you will hear a lot of noise from all sorts of areas about what you should be doing as a charity in terms of your IT setup and security. Some IT companies will lead you to believe that significant investment in a variety of security equipment is […]

Cost of Living Pack

2022 has seen a cost of living crisis like no other for many decades – we can all see it in rising energy costs or just a humble visit to the local supermarket. Here at IT Services at CAS, we’ve put together a pack together of free or low cost IT resources (software, hardware etc) […]

A recent example of some great feedback we’ve had of our website design services. A happy client! Really enjoyed working with the Discover Suffolk team to re-design their site and all parties are very happy. All of this was delivered on time, on budget and the customer was fully trained in their new solution. They […]

Spam/Phishing Email Warning

Suffolk Online email users may have recently received what is actually a spam/phishing email which looked like it came from us. It was entitled “Email Notice”, it referred to your inbox size and requested customers to send in usernames and passwords into them. Please don’t respond to this email as this is a spam/phishing email. […]

Email Issue on Apple Devices

If you are using an ipad or iphone today (01/09/2021) and you are having issues getting emails and continually getting pop up’s about a security certificate, please follow the instructions below to fix the issue. Please note that the initial part of these instructions may differ depending what operating system version your device is running. […]

This is just to make you aware that at 10pm on Tuesday 24th August our supplier will be performing some essential web server maintenance. This maintenance is scheduled to completed by 8am on Wednesday 25th August although it’s likely it will be well before this. All our customer websites will be unavailable to edit and […]

Dear Customer, Following on from the governments most recent advice around “social distancing” and effectively advising organisations to work from home where possible, the Executive Team at Community Action Suffolk has asked all staff to work from home from Monday 23rd March. This will continue until such a time that the national advice changes and […]