Digital Audits

Have you ever considered undertaking a digital audit of your organisation? Do you know what this would cover? There is no one standard structure of a digital audit but typically it is a qualatitive and quantatitive evidence based report on your key digital infrastrucuture, typically around marketing elements such as your website, social media and […]

Social Media

Sharing information via social media channels can be a very useful tool in any small business or charities armoury. It is widely accepted that over half the global population use some form of social media channel, with the average user often spending up to 2 hours scrolling through them! The social media space can seem […]

Website Security

A website can often be your customers main shop window into your organisation, whether it’s just to simply provide information or to perhaps sell products or services, it would seem sensible to try and protect it! So what can you do? This article will run through some key take away’s on how you can improve […]

The journey to the Cloud

The rise of cloud computing over the past 10 years, has seen an exponential growth in organisations using cloud based services. You may even be using cloud services and you don’t really realise! The Oxford dictionary defines cloud computing as “the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, […]

By the end of 2025, the UK’s analogue network (the PSTN, Public Switched Telephone Network) will be switched off. This means BT’s Copper Network will be switched off. BT copper switch off means copper phone lines that form the foundation of the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure will be disconnected. There’s no need to worry about this upgrade, […]

When it’s time to refresh that aging website, it might seem like a minefield, when searching for a provider or even just thinking about the new website. This blog piece hopes to condense some of the things you need to think about into some handy “take-aways”. Step 1 Come up with a brief and even […]

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023, published by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology last week, found that 24% of charities have been victims of cyber breaches or attacks in the last 12 months – See more at: What is a Data/Cyber Breach? There are many types of data breaches or cyber attacks. […]

The Future of IT

“The Future of IT” is a rather lofty subject and one that you will have to give me a bit of leighway to “stargaze” a little! It’s a difficult subject to approach because none of us can accurately predict the future – but there are some general trends which i think points us to where […]

Firstly, let me explain what an online scam or phishing email looks like. ‘Phishing’ is when criminals use scam emails, text messages or phone calls to trick their victims. The aim is often to make you visit a website, which may download a virus onto your computer, or steal bank details or other personal information. […]

Are you paying too much for your website hosting? We know that from previous experience some organisations can end up paying thousands of pounds for a service that should only cost in the hundreds of pounds (or less). Just recenctly we have successfully saved organisations several hundreds of pounds per year whilst providing a better […]