Community Action Suffolk IT is delighted to launch it’s new twitter account at using the twitter name @CASuffolkIT. This will provide us a new means of communicating with customers and the general public and will be a platform where we launch exclusive content to those people following us. It will also provide customers an alternative contact […]

As I’m sure you can notice, we bring to you a brand new, fresh design! This has been a long time coming for us and we are delighted to be able to launch our new site. We hope the site already feels familiar to you as we have tried to keep the bulk of the structure […]

As part of our recent email upgrade, one of the great new features of the system is the new and improved anti-spam controls and also the ability for you the user to tailor these to your needs. If you want to block (blacklist) or allow (whitelist) specific emails you can now do this yourself without […]

A couple of weeks ago some of our customers had issues sending email which resulted in these customers having to change their email settings to resolve this problem. We now need ALL our remaining customers who have not made this change to also make the same change to your settings to prevent this issue occurring. […]

Microsoft has made significant changes to Windows 8, making life for desktop users more like it used to be on Windows 7 – while aiming to keep tablet users happy Last year Microsoft reimagined Windows. Windows 8 was released in October 2012, complete with a new touch-friendly personality intended to make the operating system work well on tablets as […]

Everybody on a Community Action Suffolk broadband connection will have a monthly download limit associated with their account and should you go over this limit then we do reserve the right to charge you £1.50 per extra GB. Do you want to be able to monitor your broadband data usage so you know if you are going […]

As of June 20th 2015, the Broadband industry sees a big change in how all UK consumers order broadband services when switching from one provider to another. Here is a summary of the main changes that will be happening 1.Gaining provider led process which abolishes the need for MAC codes This means that you the customer […]

If you haven’t already, why not think about moving to our unlimited broadband product which is only £15.99 per month. This will remove all the worries about potential extra charges for exceeding your monthly usage on your product. Included in this is local telephone support with our dedicated helpdesk, 5 email addresses, webmail access, anti-virus […]

A number of users have reported receiving an email entitled “update” which informs users to click on a link to continue to use our webmail facility. This email did not come through from us and should be ignored. Please don’t click on the link in the email. Unfortunately we are unable to block this email. […]