Locally Based Website Hosting Packages

Are you paying too much for your website hosting?

We know that from previous experience some organisations can end up paying thousands of pounds for a service that should only cost in the hundreds of pounds (or less). Just recenctly we have successfully saved organisations several hundreds of pounds per year whilst providing a better service.

If you are paying several hundreds of pounds per year for your website hosting then why not contact us and we’d be more than happy to look at what services you get from your current supplier and provide a quote to you for what we’d charge you for the same services.

Sometimes website hosting providers bundle in services that you don’t necessarily need which can inflate the price, whilst they can also provide you bespoke hosting servers when a shared hosting package would be more than sufficient. Here at IT Services at CAS we simply supply and charge you for the services you actually need, so start the discussion now, so that we can potentially save you money on your annual website hosting expenditure.

Our website hosting packages are hosted on highly secure, UK based cloud infrastructure which is fully backed up on a nightly basis. This highly resilient hardware with our locally based support helpdesk means that you can have the knowledge that your website is safe and secure, performs well and if you do ever need help then a locally based expert is ready and willing to help.

Please call 01473 345321 to start the discussion or email matthew.morling@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk