Service Status

If there is a problem with one of our services the colour of the heading will change to either a yellow (minor service issue) or a red colour (major service issue).  There will also be a description which gives you information about the issue itself. If all services are working fine then the headings will be displayed in green.


All Services are working normally.


Our Hosted Exchange email accounts may be partially affected for some clients.

The issue has been found to have been caused by an emergency Microsoft update which had to be installed in our supplier’s datacentre. Our suppliers are now working with Microsoft to be supplied a new patch that will fix the issue caused by the original update.

Our supplier’s Technical Team are making positive progress and many of the services affected by this morning’s issues are back up and running as normal. For those clients that the services are still unavailable for, we are focusing all our efforts on getting these back up and running as soon as possible. We will continue to update this status page throughout the evening but we hope that all services will resume by the end of the day.


Hosting / Cloud

All Services are working normally.