Spam/Phishing Email Warning

Suffolk Online email users may have recently received what is actually a spam/phishing email which looked like it came from us.

It was entitled “Email Notice”, it referred to your inbox size and requested customers to send in usernames and passwords into them.

Please don’t respond to this email as this is a spam/phishing email.

We will never email into you requesting this sort of information and our emails will always come from or my other email address Our emails will always include a named contact on them and provide specific contact details for us. 

As a general rule of thumb for any email i would follow the below advice.

• Ignore emails where the email address doesn’t match the display name in some form

• Be suspicious of emails where the language of the individual they are purporting to be doesn’t quite ring true (odd grammar, phrasing)

• be very suspicious of emails that have attachments from sources that you don’t recognise

• be suspicious of emails that have links to files in them

• be suspicious of emails that request you to make payments or to provide bank details (double check with the purported sender of the email by creating a brand new message to the person it is purporting to be)

• be suspicious of emails that you don’t automatically recognise and that request you to click on links to complete forms.

• be very suspicious of all emails with “zip” files in them, even from people whom you recognise.