New, Superfast Broadband Package Available – only £28.99pm

We are delighted to announce that we have just launched a new, even better value Superfast Fibre Broadband Product – Fibre Unlimited 40:10 at only £28.99 per month (providing your telephone line has been upgraded to be Fibre compatible).

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To order one of the products call the helpdesk on 01473 345305 and we will do the initial checks and process your order.


Fibre Unlimited 40:10
Price – £28.99 per month
Download/Upload Speed – Up to 40mbps/10mbps (5 times faster download speed than standard broadband)
Data Limit – Unlimited (fair usage applies)
Activation & Equipment Charge – £50.00

For further more detailed information see our product page below.

Product page 

Why should I bother get Superfast Broadband from Community Action Suffolk?

Superfast fibre broadband will give you a better experience when you are using the Internet and email, meaning that you will be able to use services such as Skype, streaming TV services such as BBC Iplayer, online gaming, file download without a break in quality.

Superfast fibre broadband is generally a more reliable and robust product and generally suffers from less issues than standard broadband

Community Action Suffolk takes you through the whole process of ordering and setup and helps you along the way. From the placement of the order to the engineer install to our support afterwards we make it a painless experience for you.

What do I need to get superfast broadband from Community Action Suffolk?

You need your telephone exchange and telephone line to be “fibre” enabled. Around 90% of Suffolk is now enabled for superfast fibre broadband. To check if your telephone exchange is enabled please call the helpdesk on 01473 345305 or use the BT checker here and insert your telephone number into the appropriate box. If your phone number is listing “FTTC” as an option then you can receive it.

Why is there an activation charge?

There is a direct cost to us from our suppliers to supply you with a “Superfast broadband compatible” router. If you already have one then we don’t need to charge you this. If you are unsure whether your existing router is compatible or not then please check with us on 01473 345305 or at

Are there any caveats about the speed or prices quoted in this email?

It is important to note that the speeds quoted in this email are dependent on the quality of your line and distance from your telephone exchange. Poor quality or long lines may not be able to reach these speeds.

How do we place an order?

Call the helpdesk on 01473 345305 and we can do it for you over the phone.

How long will it take before superfast broadband is activated once I place an order?

10 days is the estimated time it takes before your superfast broadband is installed

What if I can’t get Superfast broadband in my area?

Check out the Better Broadband Suffolk website here on when your telephone exchange is likely to get upgraded. The target is that 95% of Suffok premises will be upgraded by 2019.

Please click here where you will find all the information relating to our new superfast fibre broadband products.

Order Now

To order one of the products call the helpdesk on 01473 345305 and we will do the initial checks and process your order.