Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot & Low Collective 2018 German Car Show from 8am on 9th September #carboot

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Location: Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot
Time: 8:00am - 2:00pm
Categories: Jumble & Car Boot Sales
Contact: Simon Tilley

Stonham Barns Car Boot is on this Sunday 9th September. What a good few weeks we’ve had with 150 sellers a week ago and 116 last week. We now have the Low Collective 2018 – German Car Show which is it’s Fifth year running and we expect even more sellers at the Car boot on Sunday and will be another packed day at Stonham. We have events running every Sunday for the next 5 weeks. Next is the Low Collective 2018 – German Car Show after that the Countryside and Falconry Fair, SwedeFest, The American Car Show after that is the Stonham Barns Antique, Vintage, Retro & Collectors Fair (7th October) all of these will have big additional crowds. All must sell at Sundays at the Car Boot as everyone walks through the Car Boot & we are free to browse around. You can sell from £5 on each of these days.

So, just turn up from 8am this Sunday. We also have Covered stalls available each Sunday (£10). These are great for protection from the sun/rain and no need to bring a table – 07817539168 to pre-book. (These are the only stalls that can be pre-booked. You can book any Sunday at any point). Otherwise just turn up on the day from 8am and sell from only Five Pounds. (NO BOOKING NEEDED) AND FREE BROWSING. Stonham Car Boot gets busier every week and Stonham is alive with people camping, the Holiday Homes full up and the popular attractions drawing more & more visitors to the Owl Sanctuary, numerous Shops and New Play area & now open New Crazy Golf (which looks immense). The Car Boot is one of only a few Traditional ones where you can really enjoy a friendly, peaceful day in the countryside at a venue that has so much for everyone to see and do. So why not come and have a great day out at Suffolk’s friendliest Sunday Car Boot and come & see the NEW Stonham Barns with so much on offer. Early risers can get there for 7am but the sensible ones turn up from 8am.

Make sure you turn up & sell from Five Pounds. Covered stalls are Ten Pounds (Let me know ASAP if you want one by texting 07817539168 to reserve NOW – you can book any Sunday at any point). We also have the additional bonus of regular events that run at the same time as the Car Boot so check the link so you can sell to the extra crowds. There are many more events this year at Stonham now which means that we will have many more sellers and of course many more buyers.

We have a lot of events coming up next is Low Collective on the 9th September (which will be packed) Countryside and Falconry Fair on the 16th, SwedeFest on the 23rd, The American Car Show on the 30th followed by the Stonham Barns Antiques, Vintage Retro & Collectors Fair on the 6th October and the Viking & Saxon festival on the 20th October. Most of these are huge events so make sure you don’t miss these. The Car Boot runs at the same time as these and you can sell from £5 on these days too.

If you haven’t been to Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot come this Sunday 2nd September and you’ll love the friendliness of Stonham. Better still you can still sell from Five Pounds (no need to book). Just turn up from 8am. Below is a little bit more about Stonham and the Car Boot, make sure you visit our Web Page and Facebook pages as it tells you a lot more about Stonham and what is going on weekly as it rarely is the same each week. We are open from March till November every year.

Stonham Barns Car Boot is still the one to go to if you want a completely stress-free day without the buyers climbing into the back of your car We have had 150 sellers on some weeks last year and we are lucky to have buyers that actually buy. Stonham is known for its one-off sellers and Antiques (as well as all the normal Car Boot items) and in our Sixth year we are getting a good regular crowd of sellers and buyers. Everyone loves Stonham as its unbeatable when the weather is good. It has a great atmosphere, a knowledgeable friendly crowd made up of all ages. Families, young and old, dog friendly and caters for the disabled. You can still sell from Five Pounds right up to Ten Pounds for Covered stalls. These are really a hit with the sellers as you can book by texting 07817539168, pull up behind, set up and sell and pack up and leave at the end of the day. Alternatively, we are still the cheapest in Suffolk so you can just turn up from 8am and sell.

If the weather’s good Stonham is a great place to sell & you won’t find a friendlier Car Boot and such a friendly buying crowd plus there are always great bargains as we are renowned for our one-off novice sellers. We are also on the Coastal Route & in Summer have the Campsite and Holiday Homes full up and filled with Car Boot lovers and so many visitors to the Attractions and shops. If the sun comes out Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot is so popular.

We are outdoors only but offer covered stalls. We try to open every week irrespective of the weather as we still get buyers and sellers.

The prices are Five Pounds Cars, Small Vans Seven Pounds Fifty so are Cars with Trailers, Large Vans are Ten Pounds, Covered stalls are also Ten Pounds. Buying is free as is parking.

07817539168 for information on the Car Boot or