Switching Broadband Providers – Major Consumer Changes

As of June 20th 2015, the Broadband industry sees a big change in how all UK consumers order broadband services when switching from one provider to another. Here is a summary of the main changes that will be happening

1.Gaining provider led process which abolishes the need for MAC codes
This means that you the customer will contact the new provider who will then liaise with the old provider. You will not have to contact the provider that they are leaving for a mac code or even notify them that they are moving away. The gaining provider will advise the old provider to move the service.

2.Change from a 5-7 day to a 10 day lead time.
This is to allow the new provider to contact the old provider and send out confirmation to the customer that the transfer is going ahead.

3. Enchanced clarification of the migration proceses
The losing and gaining provider must now write to you, confirming the following

a) Precise information for any early termination fees.
b) A statement that the end-user is not required to cancel the existing contract in order for the service to be switched.
c) A list of all services that will be transferred, all those that may be affected by the transfer and those services expects to remain unaffected

Here at Community Action Suffolk, we obviously we will be adhering to these changes but obviously if you have any queries about this or are yourself thinking of joining Community Action Suffolk then please don’t hestiate to contact us on 01473 345305 or email us at support@suffolkonline.net