Want to monitor your broadband data usage?

Everybody on a Community Action Suffolk broadband connection will have a monthly download limit associated with their account and should you go over this limit then we do reserve the right to charge you £1.50 per extra GB. Do you want to be able to monitor your broadband data usage so you know if you are going to go over your limit?

If so, visit http://www.thinkbroadband.com/tbbmeter.html and use the first download link on this page to download and install the “tbbmetter”. You need to haved installed the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework prior to installing tbbMeter. You may already have this installed or you can download it from Microsoft. If you are unsure, proceed with the download and installation and it should tell you if you need the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework installed.

Once installed the software should run in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and you can then simply hover your mouse over it to see your usage to date. The software is customizable, for instance you can change the period that you are monitoring by right clicking over the software, selecting options and then selecting “quota options”. Simply change the dates and then you can get an accurate view of the picture. Community Action Suffolk’s usage is not based on your payment dates, it is based on usage between the 1st and 31st of each month, so please bear this in mind when you are monitoring your usage.

The software also has various speed tests and other tools that can monitor the quality of your Internet connection which you may find useful.

Please note if you have multiple computers all using the Community Action Suffolk broadband connection then you would need to install it on each computer.

Please also note this is not Community Action Suffolk software and is provided by a third party. Should you have any problems or queries with it then whilst we will do our best to help we cannot guarantee that it will work. It has been tested within Community Action Suffolk and we have found it hugely useful if monitoring of broadband usage is an issue.