What is SSL?

You’re going to hear a lot more about making your site safe for visitors in 2017 & beyond. So, a little (light) introduction about what, when and how may help. The “key” to it all is the padlock.

When you visit an online shop, you will see a padlock symbol appear in the address bar – or you should do! This means that the connection between your visitor’s PC (or whatever device they use) and your website has been encrypted so that no one can “overhear” the conversation. This means that miscreants (love that old word) can’t grab the credit card number, etc.

This is called the “SSL Certificate”. It is usually created by the company hosting your website and then counter signed by one of the Internationally recognised and trusted “signing” authorities; including Microsoft, Symantec, Thawte, Versign and a few more – names you may already know and trust. The “signing” authorities are confirming that you are the owner of the site and that it is a genuine site. Now, the PC is probably safeguarded by the visitor’s own virus checker etc., your website is protected by the hosting company, and now with the link connecting the two are safeguarded.

Why should I do anything about this?

  • It may put users off using your website and could potentially lead to a loss of business or interest in your organisation.
  • SSL provides visitor trust and confidence
  • SSL encrypts sensitive information
  • It potentially boosts your website ranking in Google

Who do we recommend it for?

It appears that the web industry is dictating that eventually all websites will require one, but certainly as of late 2017 many Internet browsers are effectively requiring websites which have user data or interactions being sent across them i.e. login areas, contact forms etc

How we can help

If you have a website hosted through us, we can supply and install an SSL certificate from a global certificate authority for just £36. This is an annual cost and we will ensure throughout the year that your website is fully secure and protected.

Cost – £39 (annual charge)

How to order

Contact us on 01473 345305 or email us at support@suffolkonline.net. Alternatively visit our Order page under this section here