Switching / Moving

Switching to IT Services at CAS Broadband?

Are you tired of your current Internet Service Provider? Are you suffering from unreliable service? When you have a problem with your Internet service would you like to get straight through to someone to talk to?

IT Services at CAS offers ethically based, high quality Internet services at reasonable prices. We currently offer high quality business class 24MB speed broadband at competitive prices and with a UK based helpdesk in Ipswich, meaning at the price of a local call you can get through to someone straight away if you have a problem.

If you wish to migrate your broadband product from another supplier to IT Services at CAS then please either fill in our broadband order form and inform us of who your current provider is so we can start the migration process with them or by calling or emailing the helpdesk on 01473 345305 or at support@suffolkonline.net. The process of migrating takes between 7-10 days from the order date and we will need your payment information before we can transfer over your connection. This can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant product page and downloading the direct debit form.

Moving your broadband to IT Services at CAS has no setup or migration cost associated so you can move to IT Services at CAS free of charge and without worry. When we have all the relevant details we will write to you confirming your new payment amounts and then call you to take you through the 5 minute setup process to get your broadband equipment ready for IT Services at CAS.

Moving House?

If you are on one of Suffolk Online’s broadband packages and you are moving house – please tell us as soon as possible so that we can ensure the house move process is done as smooth as possible. The earlier you tell us, the more likely it will be that we can ensure there is as little downtime as possible.

Unfortunately, Broadband is specific to the telephone line that you are on, so once you move house then your broadband will not work again without re-ordering. Even if you take your old number with you it still means we have to re-order broadband at your new address which will take a standard minimum 7 working days.

Even though there is no easy to move process, if you tell us early enough then we can ensure that the process is as smooth as possible and as little downtime is experienced as possible. With all house-move processes the minimum downtime for broadband will be 7 working days. This is because we often have to cancel the old connection and re-order a new connection.

With the house move process there is NO additional charge, however a new 12 month contract applies from the date the new connection goes live.

There are a number of things we will need from you so we can make the move of your broadband server as easy as possable.

  • Date your moving
  • Are you keeping the same number?. (If so what date is your phone supplier moving over the number to your new property),
  • If you are not keeping the same number what will the new number be.
  • Date your phone line will be live with the new or old number.
  • New Address & Postcode

If you are moving house and you have broadband with Suffolk Online, contact us on 01473 345305 and we can sort this out for you.